Thursday, July 24, 2008

Study of the Cross

Here is a piece I did in college. I did a series of paintings on the cross. It is where I first started developing a style of painting. This is when I began falling in love with texture and color. This painting has been one of my favorites for sometime now, hanging in my office and hanging in different rooms in our home. It has always amazed me that people could see this painting, for some as long as 2 years, and not see Jesus on the cross. I always thought it was pretty obvious. I thought I would post it and share it.


A.J. said...

wow man. what is really awesome about this is that I have on my desk a painting that I did 6 months ago or so just for fun that is a really colorful cross lol. Mine is very 2D and flat... because I just wanted to use color for the cross and it was really kinda like the back of the cross, and the joy that was on the other side of it. I wrote Acts 8:8 where it says "and there was great joy in the city" right after people got healed and delivered!

I love this piece it is totally awesome man. Your work is so beautiful!

Mark said...

Would love to have a print of this hanging somewhere at The Bridge. By the way you painting are amazing.


Scott Parker said...

Thanks man! Yeah I have wanted to have prints of this one made for a while now.