Monday, July 21, 2008

Foxy Moxie

This is a painting I did for my friend Kris Cato. He owns the best and the coolest hair salon anywhere. He has a great place in downtown Gadsden, AL. His place is called "The Moxie". It's has a great vibe. He works his magic on my family and the results are awesome. We were in last week for my son to get "Moxified" and he showed me an antique Moxie soda bottle. I thought it would make a great painting and cool surprise. I started researching Moxie soda bottles and ran across this one. It is different from any of the others and I loved the saying "Be Foxy Drink Moxie" I thought it fit perfectly. I finished it on his birthday and gave it to him as a house warming gift for their new home, but it may end up at The Moxie. Anyway, I loved the end result.


A.J. said...

Dude that is so awesome! I am so glad that I found this page! I love to paint too! @.@

Bless Scott Lord! Unlock the creativity you have stored in deeper places in his heart! Let him tap into everything that you have hidden inside of him even before creation Lord. BLESS SCOTT!

Scott Parker said...

Thanks Dude

Todd said...

Hi Scott - that Moxie bottle is very rare! tell yer buddy to hold onto it. Collectors will pay over $100 for one!!! the "Foxy Moxie" bottle was only made for a short time by one specific bottler.